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The Residences

Michael London

"Interpreting the rich history and charm of Unionville in a timeless way. A new definition of luxury is The Unionville Condominium"

The interior of The Unionville Condominium has been meticulously crafted to harmoniously blend modern and traditional design sensibilities, resulting in spaces that exude a timeless elegance.

Luxury Redefined

Michael London 

Michael London meticulously styled every facet of the homes, from the custom-designed Italian millwork in the kitchens and baths to the wide selection of flooring and stone finishes that allows you to customize your home to your own sense of comfort and style.   

PartyRoom_Dusk_8K Post.jpg


Designed, developed, and manufactured in Italy, Fulgor Milano appliances provide exceptional quality, performance, and design.

The design and quality of Fulgor Milano appliances match the core value of The Unionville Condominium. All suites will be fully equipped with Fulgor Milano paneled refrigerator, integrated stainless-steel dishwashers, and built-in Cooktop and Oven.

Built-in Refrigerators: 

Our premium Fulgor Milano Twin-Cooling and modern designed paneled refrigerator that provide both functionality and aesthetic look.


Unlike many other condominiums with the combined microwave and hoodfan, our stainless steel insert hoodfan improves ventilation and better maintenance.

Stainless Steel Sink:

A full-size and under-mount sink gives your kitchen a professional, sophisticated feel with a clean, contemporary design. This single bowl under-mount sink will provide more convenient use and easy cleaning and maintenance for longer durability.


Built-in Cooktop:

Our Fulgor Milano radiant cooktops are finished with aluminum trims for a modern reveal. All Fulgor Milano cooktops comes with intuitive, patented peacock touch controls, easy to clean ceramic glass surface, and quick and reliable double and triple radiant cooktops. The Fulgor Milano Cooktop provides both functionality and style.

Built-in Dishwasher:

Our panel-ready, built-in Fulgor Milano dishwasher is another compliment to our suite appliances package at The Unionville Condominium. This Dishwasher has innovative wash system that automatically adjusts water volume, pressure and temperature based on the size of the load, and how dirty the dishes are for maximum efficiency on energy and water use.

Built-in Oven: 

Our Fulgor Milano stainless steel oven provides a true convection heating technology to provide our users the best baking experience. 

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