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The Parks

The Natural Preserve

Stroll to the master planned parkland and nature reserve only one minute away from The Unionville Condominium. This Natural Reserve will feature the existing Bruce Creek, 112 acres of greenspaces, and 21 acres of community park. A new pedestrian and cycling trail will also be incorporated into this natural reserve, and will become a future residents connection to the historical Unionville Main Street and Toogood Pond.



Nature Preserve

Active Lifestyle and Outdoor Living

The Unionville Condominium creates opportunities for an active lifestyle. From natural trails at Toogood Pond Park and a round of golf at the Angus Glen Golf Course to various recreational activities and sports facilities offered at the Angus Glen Community Centre, as well as the Markham Pan-am & YMCA, The Unionville Condominium residents can enjoy them all at their doorstep.

Explore unparalleled outdoor living at The Unionville Condominium. Immerse yourself in nature's beauty, where the changing seasons create a picturesque landscape, holding the secret to a healthier and happier life.

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